Cowtown Indie Bazaar

Cowtown Indie Bazaar Logo 600 px

Phew! We made it through another vendor bazaar. This one was indoors – much better. And it was juried – all the vendors were great.


It was sponsored by North Texas M.A.D.E., check them out!

North Texas M.A.D.E.

We have a new booth set up and I just love it, so clean and modern. The pieces are very lightweight and easy to handle so set up is a breeze. It took about 90 minutes and we were not rushing at all.

Here’s everything we took, I was amazed at how little space it takes.

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 1 600 px

Unloading at the Amon G. Carter building in the Fort Worth Will Rogers Memorial Complex.

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 2 600 px

Coming into the vendor space…


Cowtown Indie Bazaar 3 600 px

Bruce attaching the top pieces of the panels, my arms are too dang short!

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 5 600 px

Now to get the art out…

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 6 600 px

And here’s the finished booth!

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 7 600 px

We had much better sales than at our first show so I was pleased with the day. And I learned a lot once again. I really enjoy these shows. I meet other vendors and they are the nicest people! It’s kind of like a club that’s hosting a party. 😀  A lot of people come by the booth and look at my work and I hand out a lot of business cards, so there’s opportunity for future commissions and sales.

I’m beginning to tweak my inventory for the shows based on what is selling. My small framed tiles are popular – I’ll be making more of these…

Tile House 1 600 px

Have a great week!



30 Paintings in 30 Days Wrap-up

I learned a lot from this challenge. I can paint every day! I did not complete 30 paintings, but I did complete 16. I’m happy with that. As the month went by, I got more complicated with technique. Today’s painting, #16, started that ball rolling. I learned that I cannot finish a pointillism style painting in one day – even if it is only 12″ x 12″. I also learned that in order to finish a painting I have to let go a little and let the painting be a little different than I had imagined. All in all, this was a successful month for me. And I am still painting daily, which is fantastic.

Day 30   Welcome Center 2, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on cradled hardboard.

Welcome Center 2 small

30 in 30 Days 21, 22, and 23…

I thought by using acrylic things would go so fast. Yet, I find myself sitting and waiting for paint to dry a lot. I guess I need to put it on a little thinner, lol.

Day 23 –     Acey Boy 3, 12″ x 12″, digital print on cradled hardboard, $110.

Acey Boy 3 small








Day 22 –     Red Betta Girl, 12″ x 12″, mixed media acrylic and digital print on cradled hardboard, $150.

Red Betta Girl small








Day 21 –     Blue Daisy 2, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on cradled hardboard, $150.

Blue Daisy 2 small








I think you’ll be seeing a lot of flowers and fish in the next little while. I’m enjoying them a lot.

Thanks for looking!   Susan

30 Paintings in 30 Days?

Well, I’m a little behind, lol. But I’m just letting that go. 😀 I’ve been working on multiple paintings but they’re taking longer than I expected. I’m working on intuitive backgrounds using paint left from whatever else I’m working on (my “Waste Not Want Not” thing), then adding a focal image.  Here’s an example for Day 19:

Blue Daisy 1, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on cradled hard board

Blue Daisy 1 small








Underneath this next image is, sadly, Don’t Fence Me In. I thought I needed to make it better. 😦  But I’m happy with this image. It’s a digital image printed and decoupaged to a panel. I use an ink jet printer so it’s been quite a process to learn how to do this without smearing the ink.

Day 20 –     Sandy and Bug Posterized, 8″ x 18″, paper and acrylic medium on cradled hardboard

Sandy and Bug Posterized small




I hope to have several more to post this week. My grandson has the flu so he’s here with us all day instead of in kindergarten. Poor boy, he feels terrible. :’-(

30 Paintings in 30 Days Catch Up

I’ve been painting, I just haven’t had time to post. Put all the Christmas decorations away – it’s always a little sad. And am I the only one who apologizes to the nativity figures as I wrap them in plastic?

30 in 30 Day 9     Tryst, 6″ x 8″, acrylic, leaves, mod podge on illustration board,

Tryst small







Day 8     I See You, 6″ x 8″, acrylic on illustration board

I See You small







Day 7     Running, 8″ x 10″, acrylic on stretched canvas

Running small







Day 6     Spaces, 6″ x 8″, acrylic on illustration board

Spaces small







Day 5     Dallas Zoo, 8″ x 10″, acrylic on stretched canvas

Dallas Zoo small








Thanks for looking!

Don’t Fence Me In

Today’s painting started as another cityscape. About 2/3 finished I painted over the whole thing in disgust. I can’t seem to create what I want. I decided to do another abstract and began pouring paints. Once I was satisfied I let it dry a little, then had the urge to scrape lines. It made me think of a fence on the beach.

Don’t Fence Me In, 8″ x 18″, acrylic on cradled masonite.

Don't Fence Me In small


I confess I started this one some time ago, with a random pour of yellow, orange, and lavender. Today I filled in the remaining white canvas areas with black, then felt a need to dot the place up. I like abstract paintings, especially when I don’t plan anything but just let the ideas wander. It’s a no-pressure exploration of color and value. I used acrylic paint pens on this one, I’ve been playing with them – they’re fun although I need lots more colors and tip sizes. 😀

Strata, 8″x10″, acrylic on canvas

Strata small

An Ending, A Beginning

I worked for several hours on a tiny (3″x3″) river landscape painting, which I hated and hated more with every change, and I finally scrapped it. I have several pressed autumn leaves on my work table which have been waiting their turn – I chose one for solace. Instead of painting it, I made it the painting. It occurred to me that it represented the end of the fertile season, and yet the luscious copper and gold colors clearly speak of the renewal to come. I am enriched to have this reminder to view daily.

An Ending, A Beginning,  3″x3″, acrylic and collage on canvas

January 2 small