about susan…

My kids have now been gone for 10 years and I think I’m finally getting past empty nest syndrome. We have one grandchild, a 3 year old boy who is adorable and quite full of himself.  Nothing at all like me. >snicker< We’ll soon be welcoming another precious grandbaby and I can’t wait to meet him/her.

I started back to college 5 semesters ago, pursuing a BFA in painting.  I didn’t finish a degree back in the day so I’m very excited to have this opportunity.  I love art – it doesn’t feel like work most of the time, so I added a music minor and an art history minor. I love all of it!

My husband retired 3 years ago from a long army career.  Luckily we’re not in each other’s way because I’m at school all the time, and he got a “part-time” job at the church, lol.  We do get to spend an hour or so together every morning and evening when we feed and care for our two Arabian horses.  I like that he’s retired.

We are joyfully owned by to wonderful Pugs, Sandy and Bug.  They are the best dogs ever!  They always make me smile.  😀


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