Cowtown Indie Bazaar

Cowtown Indie Bazaar Logo 600 px

Phew! We made it through another vendor bazaar. This one was indoors – much better. And it was juried – all the vendors were great.


It was sponsored by North Texas M.A.D.E., check them out!

North Texas M.A.D.E.

We have a new booth set up and I just love it, so clean and modern. The pieces are very lightweight and easy to handle so set up is a breeze. It took about 90 minutes and we were not rushing at all.

Here’s everything we took, I was amazed at how little space it takes.

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 1 600 px

Unloading at the Amon G. Carter building in the Fort Worth Will Rogers Memorial Complex.

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 2 600 px

Coming into the vendor space…


Cowtown Indie Bazaar 3 600 px

Bruce attaching the top pieces of the panels, my arms are too dang short!

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 5 600 px

Now to get the art out…

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 6 600 px

And here’s the finished booth!

Cowtown Indie Bazaar 7 600 px

We had much better sales than at our first show so I was pleased with the day. And I learned a lot once again. I really enjoy these shows. I meet other vendors and they are the nicest people! It’s kind of like a club that’s hosting a party. 😀  A lot of people come by the booth and look at my work and I hand out a lot of business cards, so there’s opportunity for future commissions and sales.

I’m beginning to tweak my inventory for the shows based on what is selling. My small framed tiles are popular – I’ll be making more of these…

Tile House 1 600 px

Have a great week!



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