What? Another Reading Challenge?

Yes, I just couldn’t resist this one…


Here’s my list…

A – To Catch a Bad Guy  Marie Astor
B – Whisper of Evil  Rita Mae Brown
C – Zapped  Carol Higgins Clark
D – Dead Tide  Leighann Dobbs
E –
F – Fool’s Puzzle  Earlene Fowler
G – Death by Denim  Linda Gerber
H – Hooked on Murder  Betty Hechtman
I –
J – Steamed  Holly Jacobs
K – The Riddles of Hillgate  Zoey and Clarie Kane
L – The Mystery of Jessica Benson  C.K. Laurence
M – Summer’s Passing  Randy Mixter
N – Blood Orchids  Toby Neal
O –
P – The Body in the Bookcase  Katherine Hall Page
Q –
R – Big Red Tequila  Rick Riordan
S – Just the Pits  Jinx Schwartz
T – First to Find  Morgan C. Talbot
U – Fear in the Sunlight  Nicola Upson
V –
W – The Devil’s Grin  Annelie Wendeberg
X –
Y – Murder on the Down Low  Pamela Samuels Young
Z – Death Will Extend Your Vacation  Elizabeth Zelvin

These are all from my ridiculous TBR pile, lol. C’mon and join me, let’s read a bunch in 2014!

p.s. I figured out how to imbed a link in an image. 😀


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