Month: January 2014

Book Bingo 2014

I read a book! The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I really enjoyed this story about six teenagers who meet at summer camp in 1974, and follows their lives to the present. I felt this novel was very well written, and I loved reminiscing about my own teenage years from that same time. I recommend this book and hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I did.


p.s. I’m marking off my squares with hearts. šŸ™‚


30 in 30 Day 19

Finally some more painting! I’ve done several lately, in large part because of an assignment in my painting class – 24 pieces in 24 hours! I confess I’m not doing it in 24 straight hours, too old for that, lol. But I am restricting myself to an hour or less for each one. I’ve learned a lot already, and still have 12 more to do. This is watercolor and ink, 5 x 7″.


Paint on friends!

30 in 30 Day 8… Finally a painting

I’m working on several at once, and apparently I’m the slowest painter on earth, lol. This one is a version of a quilt block. I was experimenting with layering close shades/tints/opacities to see if I could emulate fabric and create a sense of depth without using obvious shadows. I’m nearly done with another digital piece – I’m trying to refine the technique I tried with my first painting. I’m improving, hopefully will finish tomorrow.


What? Another Reading Challenge?

Yes, I just couldn’t resist this one…


Here’s my list…

A – To Catch a Bad GuyĀ  Marie Astor
B – Whisper of EvilĀ  Rita Mae Brown
C – ZappedĀ  Carol Higgins Clark
D – Dead TideĀ  Leighann Dobbs
E –
F – Fool’s PuzzleĀ  Earlene Fowler
G – Death by DenimĀ  Linda Gerber
H – Hooked on MurderĀ  Betty Hechtman
I –
J – SteamedĀ  Holly Jacobs
K – The Riddles of HillgateĀ  Zoey and Clarie Kane
L – The Mystery of Jessica BensonĀ  C.K. Laurence
M – Summer’s PassingĀ  Randy Mixter
N – Blood OrchidsĀ  Toby Neal
O –
P – The Body in the BookcaseĀ  Katherine Hall Page
Q –
R – Big Red TequilaĀ  Rick Riordan
S – Just the PitsĀ  Jinx Schwartz
T – First to FindĀ  Morgan C. Talbot
U – Fear in the SunlightĀ  Nicola Upson
V –
W – The Devil’s GrinĀ  Annelie Wendeberg
X –
Y – Murder on the Down LowĀ  Pamela Samuels Young
Z – Death Will Extend Your VacationĀ  Elizabeth Zelvin

These are all from my ridiculous TBR pile, lol. C’mon and join me, let’s read a bunch in 2014!

p.s. I figured out how to imbed a link in an image. šŸ˜€

30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 2

I actually created this one yesterday, but was too lazy to blog about it, lol. This is my first attempt at painting digitally on my new iPad (thank you hubby!), on the free app Adobe Ideas. This is a great app, you get a lot for free. This is my grandson Nathan, who is 4 years old. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I imported it to photoshop elements and added a dark background, otherwise it was all done on my iPad.

I’m working on a second painting on my iPad, but it’s going to take a bit more time. I’m already getting picky about how I want things to look, lol. But this challenge is fun because I’m not beating myself up over it, just exploring. šŸ˜€