Month: March 2012


My poor Famey… sadly neglected by his owner. Fortunately I have a trainer who works with him 3 days a week, and he does go out in a big paddock at night. School has been my major excuse, but this week has been spring break and I have not gone to the barn at all.  What makes me do such a thing?

I did go see him last week. I stopped by to drop my board check, and say hi and give him some cookies. The trainer had him out lunging though, so I grabbed my helmet and his bridle, and rode bareback for a few minutes. He was surprised, to say the least. I got a leg over and hopped on (very gently). His eyes were wide and he stood stock still. I urged him forward… he took one step. I urged him forward again… again he took one step. About the fourth time he turned and looked at me like I was crazy! Hahaha! I confess I was not confident at all, but I finally convinced him that neither of us would die, and we walked around for 10 minutes or so.

It always amazes me that he takes things in stride so well. I find change deplorable, and am not gracious about it at all. And that is ridiculous, of course, because the only constant in our lives is change. But I toss and turn, and stomp, and cry, and try every way I can think of to stop change. So… this year, I want to try to learn this lesson from Fame – embrace change, look for the positive aspect, step through the fear and move on.

Happy trails, Susan