My hair…

My hair has betrayed me.  It used to be so easy to work with.  Unlike my abdominal region, it has gotten thinner.  And it has changed colors.

I don’t have a problem with gray hair.  I used to color my hair when I was young, but now that I’d have to touch up gray roots every few weeks I refuse to play that game.  Too much money, and too much bother.  And I think gray hair is kind of cool.  “A gray head is a crown of glory; it is found in the way of righteousness”  Proverbs 16:31.  But the gray hair is not the same as the brown.  Okay, I confess, they’re not really gray hairs, they’re white.  They’re twice as thick as the brown ones, I suppose that’s supposed to make up for their fewer numbers.  And they are stubborn.  Seriously.  Not only do they refuse to stay put, they won’t even go where I want them to go.

I’ve tried quite a few different stylists, in nearly every price range.  Back in the day anyone could cut my hair and it would look great.  No more.  The best I’ve managed is mediocre.  I’m a tad (read entirely) OCD about my hair.  I think it’s because I’m often mistaken for a man.  Yes, even to my face.  Sigh.  So I NEED girly hair.  And I NEED it to stay put.  Oh, and to complicate matters I’ve discovered that I can no longer use any of those fabulous products that can force hair to behave.  If I use them my scalp becomes a raging war field of some kind of dermatitis.  Nice, huh?

I’ve decided to grow my hair out long.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  It’s fine now, it’s January.  By May I will likely be singing a different tune.  Our south Texas summer weather can be harsh.

What about your hair?




  1. Susan..try Iris at Lace & Lasso… She has given me the best hair cuts I’ve ever had in my life..and yes I still drive from east of Seguin 10 miles to Bergheim to get my hair cut!!!
    Good Luck!!!

  2. I’ve never seen you with long hair — that will be interesting. I need to get mine cut. If I let it grow it all gets to one length and I look like a 17 year-old hippie. :p

  3. According to my hairdresser 25% gray (grey). I just had a baby. Not good to be grey and breastfeeding. 🙂

    Costs money and takes time. Both I enjoy having to myself…especially since none of my kids are around while I do this Hair/time/money thing.

    Finally, I will color my hair because I LOVE to look like Dolly Parton. Fake. I have fake hair and fake teeth. Next year, I will get the fake boobs. Seriously. B’s, not DD’s. I would look stupid if I had DD”s…or maybe I would totally cool and get to pose for some pin-up shot and make millions. Oh, wait. I’ve had 3 kids …maybe not.

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