What the heck?

What is it that makes me want to keep a blog?  I prefer visual art for my expression!  Alas, I also like to talk and blogging really is just talking, right?

I rode my horse Fame today, for the third time this week.  That doesn’t sound like such a big accomplishment but since I haven’t ridden since last summer it was a pretty big deal after all.  My goal this year is to ride at least once a week when school is in session, and much more when I’m on vacation.  My horse teaches me so much.  So what did I learn today?

I got a new saddle for Christmas.  The first time I got on, my horse flinched and squinted, took a step, then sighed with relief and marched off relaxed and happy.  I had some trouble with him last summer.  When I would mount he would jump around like a Tasmanian Devil, sometimes throwing me off, then after a few minutes act like nothing happened.  When he started getting mysterious swellings and white hair on his back I knew we had a serious problem.  I am delighted that it appears the new saddle is good.  As I pondered these things on the way home from the barn today I realized that Fame is really amazing.  Except for the hopping around, he did everything I asked (which included some tough trails in Wyoming and Utah) without complaint.  And I know that saddle was HURTING him!  Would I do the same?  Sheesh, when something hurts even a tiny bit I start wailing like the world is ending.  I’m pondering that this week.

Happy trails,



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