A new year…

We’re nearly a whole week into 2012 and I’m feeling like it’s going to be a good one.  With the days lengthening my mood is considerably brighter.  I’m making a list for each day and so far accomplishing most of the “do’s”.

I’ve been working on a photo book for the trip last summer – kudos to  http://www.mixbook.com  – and I realize that it really was the trip of a lifetime.  Except I want to do it again!  Lol.  This summer I’m going to kidnap my husband and go somewhere for at least a few weeks.  Perhaps Virginia to ride the luscious Shenandoah Valley trails.  We can stop and visit family on the way to and from.

I had a riding lesson this morning.  My horse Fame is great.  I don’t know why he likes me, considering all I did to him last summer (especially the saddle fitting issues).  But he seems to really enjoy the time we spend together.  I got a new saddle for Christmas, a Bob Marshall Sportssaddle.  I had one some years ago, loved it, so decided to go back to it.  I rode in it the first time on Tuesday.  Fame was funny.  He was cranky for girthing, a habit that indicates poor saddle fit in my experience.  I lunged him briefly, just to make sure everything was securely attached.  Then I got on.  As soon as I sat, his head came up and I think his eyes were squinted.  But then he took a step, sighed, and walked out like he had someplace to go.  πŸ˜€  I’ve ridden two more times since – he’s not girthy, and he’s so relaxed through his back.  I had a dressage lesson today – he was super!

I’m glad I’ve figured out the saddle problem.  I feel bad that I caused him pain.  It has made me appreciate him even more.  What a trooper to continue doing what I asked, even when he was hurting.  I certainly don’t have that quality.  As soon as the least little thing is uncomfortable I start protesting like it’s the end of the world.  It’s something I’m going to ponder, and perhaps work on in 2012.  πŸ™‚

Happy trails,


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