Month: January 2012

My hair…

My hair has betrayed me.  It used to be so easy to work with.  Unlike my abdominal region, it has gotten thinner.  And it has changed colors.

I don’t have a problem with gray hair.  I used to color my hair when I was young, but now that I’d have to touch up gray roots every few weeks I refuse to play that game.  Too much money, and too much bother.  And I think gray hair is kind of cool.  “A gray head is a crown of glory; it is found in the way of righteousness”  Proverbs 16:31.  But the gray hair is not the same as the brown.  Okay, I confess, they’re not really gray hairs, they’re white.  They’re twice as thick as the brown ones, I suppose that’s supposed to make up for their fewer numbers.  And they are stubborn.  Seriously.  Not only do they refuse to stay put, they won’t even go where I want them to go.

I’ve tried quite a few different stylists, in nearly every price range.  Back in the day anyone could cut my hair and it would look great.  No more.  The best I’ve managed is mediocre.  I’m a tad (read entirely) OCD about my hair.  I think it’s because I’m often mistaken for a man.  Yes, even to my face.  Sigh.  So I NEED girly hair.  And I NEED it to stay put.  Oh, and to complicate matters I’ve discovered that I can no longer use any of those fabulous products that can force hair to behave.  If I use them my scalp becomes a raging war field of some kind of dermatitis.  Nice, huh?

I’ve decided to grow my hair out long.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  It’s fine now, it’s January.  By May I will likely be singing a different tune.  Our south Texas summer weather can be harsh.

What about your hair?



What the heck?

What is it that makes me want to keep a blog?  I prefer visual art for my expression!  Alas, I also like to talk and blogging really is just talking, right?

I rode my horse Fame today, for the third time this week.  That doesn’t sound like such a big accomplishment but since I haven’t ridden since last summer it was a pretty big deal after all.  My goal this year is to ride at least once a week when school is in session, and much more when I’m on vacation.  My horse teaches me so much.  So what did I learn today?

I got a new saddle for Christmas.  The first time I got on, my horse flinched and squinted, took a step, then sighed with relief and marched off relaxed and happy.  I had some trouble with him last summer.  When I would mount he would jump around like a Tasmanian Devil, sometimes throwing me off, then after a few minutes act like nothing happened.  When he started getting mysterious swellings and white hair on his back I knew we had a serious problem.  I am delighted that it appears the new saddle is good.  As I pondered these things on the way home from the barn today I realized that Fame is really amazing.  Except for the hopping around, he did everything I asked (which included some tough trails in Wyoming and Utah) without complaint.  And I know that saddle was HURTING him!  Would I do the same?  Sheesh, when something hurts even a tiny bit I start wailing like the world is ending.  I’m pondering that this week.

Happy trails,


A new year…

We’re nearly a whole week into 2012 and I’m feeling like it’s going to be a good one.  With the days lengthening my mood is considerably brighter.  I’m making a list for each day and so far accomplishing most of the “do’s”.

I’ve been working on a photo book for the trip last summer – kudos to  – and I realize that it really was the trip of a lifetime.  Except I want to do it again!  Lol.  This summer I’m going to kidnap my husband and go somewhere for at least a few weeks.  Perhaps Virginia to ride the luscious Shenandoah Valley trails.  We can stop and visit family on the way to and from.

I had a riding lesson this morning.  My horse Fame is great.  I don’t know why he likes me, considering all I did to him last summer (especially the saddle fitting issues).  But he seems to really enjoy the time we spend together.  I got a new saddle for Christmas, a Bob Marshall Sportssaddle.  I had one some years ago, loved it, so decided to go back to it.  I rode in it the first time on Tuesday.  Fame was funny.  He was cranky for girthing, a habit that indicates poor saddle fit in my experience.  I lunged him briefly, just to make sure everything was securely attached.  Then I got on.  As soon as I sat, his head came up and I think his eyes were squinted.  But then he took a step, sighed, and walked out like he had someplace to go.  😀  I’ve ridden two more times since – he’s not girthy, and he’s so relaxed through his back.  I had a dressage lesson today – he was super!

I’m glad I’ve figured out the saddle problem.  I feel bad that I caused him pain.  It has made me appreciate him even more.  What a trooper to continue doing what I asked, even when he was hurting.  I certainly don’t have that quality.  As soon as the least little thing is uncomfortable I start protesting like it’s the end of the world.  It’s something I’m going to ponder, and perhaps work on in 2012.  🙂

Happy trails,