Christmas Day musings…

Merry Christmas, friends. This is a quiet day for me.  I’ll be with my kids/grandson later this week so for now it’s just me and Bruce, and Bruce is watching football.

I thought I’d take this time to reflect on 2011 and ponder options for 2012.
Since I’m back in school full time it’s been a busy year.  The spring semester went well, I took Drawing 2, Basic Photography, 3-D Design, Archaeology, and Art History (Renaissance Survey). I’m a perfectionist and overachiever so I got all A’s.  The pros of that are that I feel very satisfied.  The cons are that I make myself crazy trying to get everything done!

The summer brought the event I’ve wanted to do my entire life – an 8 week camping trip with my horse, traveling across half of the U.S. following the Pony Express trail with 70 of my closest friends.  Well, we were close friends by the end.  🙂 It truly was the trip of a lifetime.  My husband was amazing, he took care of everything logistical, which was a lot considering we moved 50 miles nearly every day. We haven’t ever spent that much time together all in a row, and it was fantastic. My new horse Fame was super, he acted like he’s been an endurance horse his entire life.  He camped well, and was amazing on the trail. He did get a minor injury at the 6 week point so we came home early, but he’s fine now.

Fall brought a new semester at school… Art History (Mexican Art 1810 – 1950), U.S. History (Pre-Columbus – Civil War), Women’s Choir, Basic Painting, and Color Theory. Art History kicked my butt – I thought for sure I was getting my first B, but I worked really hard and pulled off all A’s again! I guess it’s useless for me to pretend I’m really trying to relax about the grade thing.

Fall also brought weight gain, high anxiety and finally depression.  Sigh.  I’m lucky to have a great counselor and a very understanding family. I’m working through a spiritual crisis, trying to figure out who I am and learn to value myself.  There are some steps I need to take to make that happen.

I love lists, so I think I’ll make one. 🙂
Goals for 2012:
1. Change my eating plan… avoid processed wheat and sugar.
2. Continue keeping ahead with school reading and projects.
3. Ride my horse at least once a week.
4. Take a summer trip with my horse and Bruce. Kidnap Bruce if necessary.
5. Buy one Christmas gift each month to avoid the Holiday Crunch.
6. Forgive myself when I’m not up to “standard”.

Ok.  That’s pretty good I think.  It’s doable but not overwhelming.

What are you planning for 2012?  Any resolutions? Big trips coming up? Goals?

Happy New Year!


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