Month: May 2011

A real new horse!

This has been the most unbelievable week!  I finished my finals Thursday afternoon and decided to go see my Flirty-Pie for a bit.  I got her out and groomed her, then decided to give her a bath because she was covered in dust.  She was very good, but really wanted to explode, lol.  She’s really tired of being in that stall!  Poor baby…

I went out to chit chat with friends/trainers, just hanging around the barn always makes me feel better.  In the course of a couple of conversations we all realize that my trainer Jill has a horse (Fame) that isn’t doing anything, and would be a great project horse for me while Flirt is healing.  I asked if i could take him on the big camping adventure and the answer was YES!  Fame was given to Jill as a lesson horse but he’s too sensitive for the little ones so she wanted to rehome him.

Long story short… Fame is now my horse!  His real name is Infamous, I laugh every time I say it.  I can’t stop thinking about the movie The Three Amigos… “Infamous is like famous, only MORE famous”… lol… they’re talking about El Guapo – that may become a nickname.  🙂

Fame is a 12 year old Arab gelding, bay, 15.1 hands.  He’s well trained, but has been standing in a pasture for a couple of years doing nothing.  He’s very goosey about strange noises – like fly spray, the camera shutter, the water hose, etc, so he’s going to require a good bit of patience.  But under saddle he’s great, very easy to ride. 

In the next week and a half he needs to learn to be tied to the trailer hi-tie, and eat/drink/sleep.  He’s getting shoes, and I need to make sure my tack fits reasonably well.  I should haul him over to a trail for at least a short trial run.  Poor boy has no idea what’s coming, hehehe.

Fame and I are both fat and out of shape so we’ll be taking it slow and easy on our camping adventure.  But we’re going to have fun!  The look in Fame’s eye says to me that he just doesn’t trust people, and he needs his own human so he can learn what his place in life is, and what his job is. 


 He was so afraid of the camera shutter he kept running behind his pasture mate and then peeking over to see what I was doing… lol…

I am beside myself with gratitude.  I’ve gone from going on the trip with Flirt, to not going on the trip, to going on the trip without a horse, and now back to going with a horse, even though it’s a new one.  Bruce and I have decided we’re going to be purposeful in our relaxation and fun.  We’ll keep everything low key – slow and easy.  I can’t wait to go!


A new horse!

Well, it’s not a for real, living, breathing horse, but I absolutely needed a new horse so I got a tatoo.  😀  And don’t bother reminding me that it won’t wash off, I already know.  Over the past year or so I have created and refined this design and I am delighted that it turned out exactly like I wanted.

It doesn’t hurt so much, just stings a bit in some spots when they’re putting it on.  Mostly just feels like someone scratching your skin kind of hard.  And it’s only a little sore to the touch today, day 2.  I’ll probably get another one.  🙂