The chiropractor…

We went to see the vet/chiropractor today.  Flirt was indeed quite uneven in her hips.  The vet checked her thoroughly though, did fetlock and hock flexion tests and some lunging.  Then he did the chiro adjustments.  Sheesh, I could not do that for a living – it takes a lot of strength!  Flirt was a good girl.  She had funny expressions but seemed to like what he was doing.  Not a lot of licking and chewing, but a little so we got at least a little accomplished.  The vet said her hips have been out for a while, probably compensating since she fractured a sesamoid bone in her right hind 2 years ago.  Yes, same leg, and yes that has me worried.  We’re going to put her back in light work Monday and see how it goes.  If she’s better, then continue with slow work and go back for another adjustment in 2 weeks.  If she’s not better then we need to get more diagnostic tests on that right hind.

I’m trying not to freak out.  We leave in 7 weeks for a long and exciting camping/riding vacation and I don’t really want to start with a lame horse.  I don’t want to buy another horse, and can’t really afford it anyway.  But I can’t not go on this trip either.  We have too much invested in it now.  Sigh.

Keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe she’ll be better Monday…

Oh… I hopped on bareback for a few minutes after we got back to the barn.  The late afternoon light was great and I had my film camera with me.  I’m taking a photography class this semester and this week our assignment is self-portraits.  I got what I hope are some good shots of Flirt and my shadow.  I also got some of my reflection in her eye.  I hope they turn out.
I might be getting hooked on this bareback thing.  😀


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